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Jan. 30, 2015

Has the new FEMA Flood Map affected you?

For the first time in over 20 years, FEMA has redrawn the flood map.  Some lucky people have found that they are no longer in a flood zone, but many others weren’t so lucky.  It’s not a good feeling when your lender sends you a letter demanding that you buy ...

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Sept. 26, 2014

Flood Zones, FEMA, and Flood Insurance

There is so much confusion regarding flood insurance and flood zones. It’s no wonder, though, as there has been so much change that it is nearly impossible to keep up on it all, at least for long.

First, the flood maps are being (or have been but not all published ...

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March 12, 2014

Why Serious Home Buyers Should Avoid Zillow and Trulia

If you've spent any time at all browsing the internet for houses, chances are you've run across the major national real estate sites like Zillow and Trulia.  These sites boast a high rank on Google and attractive interfaces, but their usefulness is limited, especially to serious home ...

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March 2, 2014

Welcome to the new SunCoast Group Realtors website!

SunCoast Group Realtors is proud to unveil our new state-of-the-art website, complete with a powerful IDX search engine, free membership and property updates, and our new SGR blog!  We are certain that these tools will be a mutually beneficial part of our relationship with our clients, and put all ...

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