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Eric Spedding - Your realtor, advisor, and friend in real estate!

Eric represents homeowners, home buyers, and business owners.

He is from Tampa, Florida. He loves being on the water, visiting our state parks, and living the lifestyle our great state allows all of us to enjoy year-round.

In his real estate practice he combines his love for the industry with his desire to help people in his community.

His business is built on the foundation of 2 ideals. By providing excellent service to his clients, and by always living by the Golden Rule -

 “To always treat others as you would like to be treated!”

His goal is to take the guesswork out of what many see as being a complicated and stressful experience and make it a pleasurable one.

Having gone through a horrible experience himself when he went to buy his first home, he found out first hand just how much can go wrong. Then when he went to sell his home, he again was at a loss as to how poor the overall experience was.

In his research he discovered this was actually quite common. People all over were having bad experiences when they went to buy or sell a home. The more he continued to learn, the more he knew he could help. He quickly fell in love with the real estate business.

“I knew it shouldn’t be this way and I knew I could do better!”

The real estate agent you work with is going to make a significant difference in the experience you’re going to have. These transactions can take weeks to months of working closely together with your agent. They “must” not only have specialized knowledge but they “must” genuinely care about the needs of the people they serve!

My mission is to “educate” and “eliminate” the stress and overwhelming feelings associated with buying or selling a home. By listening to your needs, maintaining excellent communication, and educating you in real-time while we navigate each step of the process, you’re going to gain the ability to make confident and informed decisions!

Remember - Everyone is new at the beginning. Don’t let the fear of the unknown ever keep you from getting started. Knowledge is power and it costs absolutely nothing to begin having your questions answered. Simply reach out to your preferred realtor.

If you are looking to get started right now and have yet to find a realtor to work with, by all means, feel free to give me a call. I’d be happy to help!

You can contact me anytime :)

I answer my calls and I promptly reply to all my texts and emails from 9am-9pm everyday!

“Let’s talk about your real estate needs!”


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